Thursday, August 27, 2009

a blue bike for two.

so while summer leaves.
it leaves in a hurry
I cant enjoy it
when its back in Cali
My boyfriend, my friend, my ex friend, Maureen, my family.
those are summer
just a few months,
but they are summer.
But sometimes when I think about it, I knew it would leave fast, I knew it would happen, I sat with my friend at AJ's waving goodbye, so I scratched a rock. only I think I know that the only thing that stays is scars.
I hope that rock is scarred.
and I hope it never heals.
soo goodbye summer, Farewell California, even though the peaches in that bowl downstairs are like me, from there.
They will wilt and rot, or be eaten.
but though such similarities have occurred, 10:16 your time 1:18 mine, I will not wilt, rot or be eaten.
because I have been scarred.
I will stay.
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