Saturday, August 1, 2009

shitty friend, ok lover.

I have a lot of friends. I have so many I cant even remember some of their names, every single person at my old school liked me, in some way, those are my friends. I have friends from when I was a baby, like Maureen Davis and Lily Sauer, I know friends of Maureens, who I call my friends, Like Jake, though its a bad example, he is my friend. I met a girl named Chloe through Maureen, and a boy named Brian through Jake. I know people through people I barely know. I know people in Petaluma like Sierra, Shannon, Daniel, Josh, Dylan, Ian, Shelby (vampire), Keenan, Mary, Maggie, Logan, Sheyda. I cant even remember some. thats a lot! right? do you like that? I have older friends too, people through my mom and through my dad. Naomi, Carrie. I have friends from school, Ayanda, Aidan, Rose,Jarrett,Lake, Claire, Evan, kalia, Corina, Becca, Joey. Too many to name actually. I know Savannah B. through Kalia who is friends with Jenna, who I get along with and who i call my friend. I know a boy named Jonathan who knows Kalia who also knows Jeremy who I met. I met Sean with Kalia and Ayanda with a boy named Nick, who thought I was attractive. I have the ability to make attractive men, and not so attractive men like me. BOYS LIKE ME. I am in love with Sean, I know his friends, like Evan and Mike. I wouldn't call them my friends, but hey, at least they are people. I know at one point I didn't have friends, and I know you can take that however you like. But I know im as fucking social as they get, so thanks for the recognition, and im proud that I can get along with random people, fuck, I basically get along with everyone. I cant wait to meet new people at this new boarding school. I cant fucking wait to kiss Sean, I CANNOT WAIT. I cant wait to continuously make new friends, because I'm just blessed with this curse. So I might be a shitty friend, but I'm sure as hell a okay lover.


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