Saturday, August 1, 2009

slightly corrosive

I couldn't tell if it was me being scared, or me being stubborn. Boarding school is far, boarding school is different. I know, I know, Ive been there the past two years. I'm one of those kids, though somewhat deranged, slightly corrosive, and completely in love under so many wrong circumstances. Boarding school has given me two things, a phenomenal man who ludicrously showers me with love and affection, and a independent panorama of the world. I could never have Sean if he lived next door, I couldn't, he would know me so well, too well. ogling from his window, he would watch the girl next door in her white floral array. he wasn't in love, boys like Sean don't just fall in love with the girls like her, they fall in love with a girl who will bound through a mess of foam and watered down salt seeming to be surveying the cold pacific, and maybe a little more of her life. I think about these moments sometimes, the moments when i first met him, its silly the circumstances, under which we met. so silly.


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